Ondra Halama

Who we are?

We are experienced managers, team-leaders, ICF certificate coaches and people who love life.

We met in a corporate world, both as leaders of our own teams. After our experience in leadership, each of us realised on their own that our professional interests are aligned and we share the same vision. The vision that lead us to step out of our comfort zone and follow our common dream. A dream to share what has helped us to live life that is more aware and satisfying. We believe that the more we know ourselves, the weaknesses and strenghts, inner motivation and connected personal potential the better life we live. Personal or professional either. Still we are the same people. We trust coaching and together with our experiences we want to share it with as many people as possible.

From our own experience, we know that we all create our own life, we are the guardians of our destiny. No matter what happened in our childhood, what circumstances or parents we had, health conditions, luck. It is entirely up to us what we do with our life and how we enhance it. It always is a choice between the fear of failure and living fully and consciously, to make a decision to do something differently, trust one’s intuition, trust oneself. The new world with new possibilities is opening.

Even the seemingly unsolvable situation has always its solution. And the solution is closer than we can imagine. It’s just a matter of point of view. That is why coaching is today the most effective tool in the field of education and self-development.

Dan Trpák

Before we founded AUMAKUA centre, we were gaining our experience.

As employees, managers, directors, entrepreneurs in various fields.

In addition to pressure on performance and performance itself we were simultaneously looking for stillness and inner peace and were diving deep into our own selves in our personal spiritual praxis. Besides working with the mind, we train the body and we incorporate meditation that is essential for understanding the power of one’s intuition and the importance of inner peace. That helps us to understand and be here for every person.

We are certificated coaches (ICF).


What we do?

We work with individuals, families, athletes, artists,
with teams as well as individual team members in companies.

We are flexible in our work approach so that we can better uncover a true current state of each situation, to find the underlying causes and create a positive change and transformation that leads in a brand new direction.

A man embodies three essential elements, three building stones of human existence. We think that in other to achieve harmony in life, we need to work with all three of them at the same time, therefore we give them the same importance.

MIND – the change of a habit, logic, analysis, progress, result
BODY – health, strength, energy, flexibility, tenacity, perseverance
SOUL – the feeling of happiness, intuition, harmony, inner fulfilment, self-awareness

Our affirmation is a complete satisfaction of our client. What helps us in our work are coaching methods of positive psychology and a very careful listening and tuning in. A satisfying result is not only an achievement of our client’s goal but also a newly-acquired habit that will help the client to solve similar situations on their own.

Our mission

Imagine us all living our lives in alignment with our innermost visions. We would probably smile more often, enjoyed each day more fully and shared our new every day experiences more naturally, generously and with ease.

We all know the feeling, the wonderful day when all is working out well and we smile at everybody. Such day is a great gift that is important to fully enjoy and then think carefully about what happened, what we did and/or did differently and how to experience similar days more often.

Our aim is to help everybody who embarks on such journey towards their dream day, dream goal, dream life and by doing so they help to co-create, to make the world a better place. What is the quality of the world depends entirely on us, how we live and what kind of energy we share with others.

Do you know the moments when you are somehow loosing yourself in your quest for life? Can’t recognise what is good and what is bad for you? The are no two people with the same perception on the planet. Together, we can go towards uniqueness of an individual and fulfilment of a personal potential.

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