For companies and teams

We both managed teams or were team members in the last ten years, the biggest
were international with hundreds of people.

We both had our own coaches and other HR professionals by our side, psychotherapists, Happiness managers. To be able to see things clearly and from distance was always crucial for our decision-making process, in leadership as well as team management and for us personally.

Now, we share our experience and techniques in our work with teams in companies we collaborate with. Our starting-point: the three pillars – body, mind, soul – through which we see the world and all in it.

Abakus map

Our certificated coaching methodology that maps four basic pillars:

MAP  (two parts)

  1. We listen to the leaders – goals, needs, strategies
  2. We listen to the teams – goals, needs, strategies

We discuss the information we gathered with the leader, create a plan, set goals and prepare a strategy for a process of change.

We work with a whole team using our coaching method and positive psychology, create a change that leads to concordance and together we accomplish goals we pre-agreed on.

The performed and executed change is presented to the leaders with recommendations on how to work with the teams to sustain the new drive. The goal is to transform the changes into a new habit that allows teams to be self-sustaining and achieve a high performance, as was initially agreed upon.


Interested more? Please download the PDF: abakus-en

Personal coaching

Personal coaching is a key part of a work with a team.
A team member influences a team and a team influences
its member.

When I accept my strengths and weaknesses, I am open to share them with others.This significantly influences an improvement of a performance, interpersonal influence and a team spirit.

Energy of body and mind

A performance of our mind is closely tight
to a performance of our body.
How we feel is equally influenced by both.

We train together with a whole team in group fitness trainings, we practise yoga, pilates, running. We personally participate to connect with the team as well as individual team members, we observe the performance, behaviour during physical activities.

After such training, we sit together, talk, share our feelings. We connect the activity of body with the activity of mind and we point out the common aspects of the performance – improvement.

Strengths, inner motivation and satisfaction are enhanced. Our primary goal is always a performance of a team as a collective. A team performance surpasses a performance of an individual.


Regular cleansing of the mind that is associated
with activities at work brings lasting changes
that lead towards more satisfying experience,
general well-being and better performance.

We organise lectures, panel discussions in companies, a collective sharing of experiences and mental exercises during which we take people outside of the standard thought patterns and we guide them towards discovering a new dimension of experiencing mundane as well as unusual situations.

In such new state of being, there is a fresh perspective created and daily activities are perceived from distance that brings harmony and serenity on one side and energy and focus on the other side.

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