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Ondra Halama

Founder, Trainer & Coach

I graduated from SOŠ Electrotechnical in Jičín. My endurance was tested in rapid forces division in military. At present, I compete in sports to keep my physical condition at a high level.

I am experienced in advertising and marketing (Union Apex), I worked in the wood industry (JILOS HORKA) as an accountant and a dispatcher, later on I became responsible for purchase (buying operations director), warehouse, logistics, sales. In the last four years, I was managing the sales team of the largest online shop with fashion in Czechia (ZOOT).

I believe in coaching, that’s why I decided to do it. I believe that not only it helps us to achieve our goals, change our habits, heal ourselves and heal our relationships but it teaches us to navigate our life in alignment with our innermost visions. To be able to manifest of our life purpose in reality is very often followed by feeling of fear and uncertainty and if we don’t have enough power to make the first step, it can remain unrealised. The first positive experience is very important. But when – for the first time – you truly feel inside that everything you want to have in your life is possible, your fear of unknown, new and unfamiliar that we all possess, slowly disappears. It is replaced by self-confidence, trust in life and everything that surrounds us in each step.

I like life, I enjoy creating it and I am very pleased to be a guide to everybody who’s decided to embark on this adventurous journey of inner fulfilment.


ondra[at] | 773 769 788

Daniel Trpak

Founder, Trainer & Coach

I studied Sports Gymnasium and HR Management at the university. I won Czech Athletic Championship and I managed people from around the world.

I have experience as a manager in advertising and marketing in Ogilvy&Mather Agency, I was responsible for the Sales team as a Sales director in Contech Agency and as a Group Stores Director, I was responsible for developing strategies, operations and managing a team of 300 people in ZOOT.

To me, life is a never-ending adventure, I learn every day and every day is different. I believe in the infinite power of a human mind and I believe that our gifts that we were born with and we possess are here for us, they are here to be fully realised and lived. It is entirely up to us how we perceive them and approach them. We always have a choice, white or black – and yet, nothing is really black&white. I love humour, lightness, people, the universe, sport and the ever-lasting possibility of self-realisation and choice.

We all are teachers as well as students, life is a gift and never-ending potential.


dan[at] | 605 900 572

Brigita Cmuntová

Voice, breath & body emotions

Life is a never-ending process of discovering and deepening myself. This observation has led me to my interest in body, breath, voice, and mind.
I believe I am closer and closer to me, myself and I.

I am a musician, actor, yoga and life lover. You can find me in the forest picking the herbs in my free time as well.

I am focusing on combining voice with body creation and connected emotions. This is also my key tool for self-development which I am inviting you to discover with me. Let yourself be embraced by connection on the deepest level of your humanity and being.

Tereza Berounska

Yoga & Flow

My name is Tereza. I’m a yoga teacher sharing my practice and love for yoga. 

In 2018, I graduated at the Power Yoga Academy and later completed a series of workshops with Dylan Werner on flexibility, mobility, and balance.

 A few years ago, before I started practicing yoga, I was a member of the national aerobics team.  Competition in this sport was huge and whenever I competed, I tried to be significantly better than others and win, which in the end was often reflected in my personal life.

What Yoga has taught me is the connection, integration, and unity we create together in the lessons.  No competition, no win, no loss.  Thanks to yoga, I learned not to compete with myself or anyone else anymore.

 During my practice, I try to work with my mind, to bring it to a state of calm, without distraction and without fear.  At the same time, I like to challenge my body, so that I put myself in a healthy way in situations of physical and mental discomfort, which I can transform into comfort over time.

 This approach of my physical practice is also reflected in my classes, which are dynamic, full of unusual positions, and flows.

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