Harmony of body, mind and soul


BODY was given to us so that we would realise our purpose here in our current reality.

Body creates duality with mind on the physical plane. If we want to feel well in our mind, we have to feel well in our body. How does my body feel now?

In our centre, we organise group fitness trainings where everyone’s body experiences exactly what it currently needs and lectures on what signals our body can give us and how important it is to reestablish communication with our body, how to adjust our diet to feel well.


MIND is the middle man between body and soul. On the physical plane, mind helps us to achieve chosen goals in a specific time, it teaches us strength and will power. On the spiritual plane, mind teaches us unconditional love, divine purpose and stillness and peace of non-identification with both mind and body.

Although we would be only machines without our soul and only unrealised information without our body, our mind is the most powerful tool that we are given in this reality. It is our mind that helps us to execute our plans, achieve our dreams and goals, that enables us to feel pain, joy or desire and these all are motivation for us people.

We help to build muscles in the mind, that is most benefited. Coaching is the process we uses the most, eventhough every session is fulfilled by more of the other tools which help us/ help you on the way to your own happiness. We don’t take happiness as a qliche word, but as an ultimate goal of our work.


SOUL carries our predispositions, strong personal aspects and our potential. We believe that we are all born on Earth with our unique purpose and mission and that gradual realisation of these brings us true happiness in life.

We say that by fulfilling our purpose we realise our dreams. When realising our dream, the life itself becomes the dream.

Positive psychology calls it a ‘flow’. We are so present in the doing that we do not pay attention to anything else, the world doesn’t exist, our circumstances disappear too, our entire presence is inside the activity. Our performance is the best possible, usually much better than we would ever thought we are capable of because we are in the space where there’s no control of the self anymore and ‘something higher’ lead us.

In our centre, we teach people to find and recognise their dreams and become more align with them thanks to meditation and yoga exercises.

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