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Tranquility oasis

There is a place in Prague – Běchovice, where meditating or exercise is as natural as drinking coffee and chatting with friends. We are happy for introducing it as ‘Tranquility Oasis’ in Prague.

Be it in the morning, noon or evening, you always find your peace here. In a hideaway from mundane chores, you find motivation for your future endeavours. This is a place where you always find what you need, at any given moment. Great tea or coffee, a peaceful relaxation and repose, a sport studio for group fitness trainings, a room for meditation and yoga. You can also meet our coaching team member for a session.

The place is also a training centre for new coaches acquiring accreditation representing our values and our trademark. It serves as a general workshop centre too. People come here for inspiration, peace, connection, motivation or everything together.

All our events are held here, from guided meditations, group fitness trainings, yoga seminars to acoustic concerts. All that with respect to the space itself and with respect to us and to all of you. We truly wish every person that visits us starts or deepen their own path of awakening, happiness, motivation, joy and self-realisation.

Mountain retreat

We’ve always wished to find a place that would warm
a heart and perhaps a soul as well. A place
that is built in nature, in the mountains ideally,
that will not perceive people as a crowd or a mass
and just pretends to be friendly. We’ve searched
for an authentic place that respects a person
as an individual with all their needs – that
in essence are everything and nothing at the same time.

A place that would allow us to fully pause our life for a while, be inspired, that would teach us something new about ourselves. A place that is surrounded by pristine nature. When we leave such place, besides all-permeating peace, we’ll take little something with us, a personal understanding that will keep enriching our life in the future.

We haven’t found such place anywhere, so we build a new one.

Besides of what the place itself and the location can give us – and that
is all-embracing nature and tranquility – we also train the muscles
of our body, mind and soul. We work with individuals or teams that come
to us to recharge, refocus and gain motivation.

We have yoga and meditation space, four double bedrooms and fifteen hectares of land all around that is also used for retreats of larger groups during spring and summer. We also have a sweat lodge, an old North American Indian sauna and a plenty of water to cool down. We are all the same and so we learn not to be ashamed and simply be with each other.

The space will be open to all good people throughout the whole year.

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