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  • Lenka
    Lenka Junior Marketing Specialist

    „Jsem moc ráda, že jsem dostala příležitost poznat Ondru a jejich skvělé koučinkové centrum Aumakua. Je úžasné, že existují lidé jako je Ondra s Danem, kteří chtějí lidem pomoci k vylepšení jejich životů. Občas lidé na své životní cestě zabloudí a já byla jedna z nich, Ondra mě zastavil a navedl na ten správný směr, kterým bych se měla ubírat. Naučil mě vážit si sama sebe a podívat se do svého nitra. Za vše jsem mu velmi vděčná a patří mu velký DÍK!“

  • Michal Dolejš – Abakus map Team retreat
    Michal Dolejš – Abakus map Team retreat Dudes & Barbies Co-owner & Financial Director

    Me personally I work with Daniel on a long term basis. Also together with my team we made a trip with guys from Aumakua to the village where we had been living according to Aumakua style for 3 days. We have experienced an intensive package of meditations, dialogs and sports. It was really interesting to experience the states of exhaustion on all the levels and an the same time to make an easy regeneration by changing the focus.

    For example after the long and deep discussion that took us 3 hours we went running, then wading the river and tearinch the cherries. In two hours we were totally physically tired but the head was full of thoughts for following 2 hours. In the evening we calmed down thanks to meditation so all the day experience was settled, body was relaxed as well and was able to regenerate.

  • Marcela
    Marcela Senior Buyer

    Meetings with Ondra always fulfilling myself with positive energy and feeling that every difficult personal or even professional experience can be made with calm ease. He is an exceptional person and life advisor who I am grateful to. Many thanks!

  • Vladka
    Vladka Singer, actress and composer

    I’ve had the honour to have Daniel Trpak as my personal coach and I can truly recommend him to anyone in the world who desires the fullest life that is experienced on an unconditional level, whether you seek love, wealth, inner peace, excellence, a healthy lifestyle, a life path in a noble direction. He assists you to get in touch with your real values and talents with incredible ease, helps you to firmly embody your true self and to reconnect with your spirit. In every day life, any step after such actualisation is a sheer joy, no matter what you encounter. Your focus and discernment is strong and you act with a profound understanding and awareness that it is solely your choice and your responsibility towards what you feel, how you express yourself, how you live your life, what you contribute to the common good.

  • Andrej
    Andrej Packaging Proffesional

    I’ve had the honour to know Ondra for several years now. Time showed that not only is he a person for the good times but for those more complex times as well. There is not so many people of his kind and I am grateful for them.
    Openness, inspiring dialogs and optimism is something I truly enjoy during our sessions. I am looking forward to discovering what awaits me with this exceptional human.

  • Alexandra
    Alexandra Head of Operations Czech

    Dan is giving and helping and advancing one’s life just by his presence and authenticity. From the first moment, you’ll understand that answers were, are and always will be in you and so you only look for a way how to hear these answers. You learn that there is your own unique way of living and you learn to trust it. You understand yourself, you start your search and you find. During my life, I went through several big changes that lead me to more aware, happier, joyful life and self-love. Dan witnessed most of them and I am grateful for his guidance as well as his general goodness. Thank you!

  • Tereza
    Tereza Buyer

    Ondra taught me how to step off the standard life path, how to stop, find myself and continue my own way. The coaching process went very naturally. Ondra opened topics that I thought were given and unchangeable. He asked questions, recommended literature, gave home assignments, until I arrived to a result I considered my own creation. Ondra was only my guide and that feels like the best way to be a personal coach. Thank you, Ondra!

  • Radka
    Radka Operations Director

    Dan’s positive approach to his work – that is his true calling – is a gift. I highly appreciate and gladly remember our coaching sessions that I recall till this day. His advice and suggestions are still a great guidance in both my work and private life. Dan is friendly, open and honest.

  • Jakub
    Jakub Buying operations chief

    Ondra is a very open, smart and experienced person. He’s guided me for many years and has helped me both in my professional and private life. His patience, advice and his naturally detached approach to life is an inspiration and motivation for many. I highly recommend working with him! I am immensely grateful to have him as my coach and I look forward to our meetings every time.

  • Adela
    Adela Project Manager

    Thanks to his questions and his ability to listen, Dan has helped me to achieve better discernment. Now I focus solely on things that are truly important to me and also only things I can affect. I have my coaching process diary that I go back to when I don’t know how to continue. I finally know who I am and I don’t let anybody to take that from me. I am still learning to accept situations just as they are but I feel I am making progress. And for that I truly thank you, Dan!

  • Hanka
    Hanka Majitelka soukromé školky

    I am grateful that I know Dan. His approach to life and to people is full of empathy and infinite love. Dan is a true inspiration in my life. He has many gifts and my favourite one is that he always makes me laugh.

  • Gabina
    Gabina Head of HR

    Dan brings his uniqueness and originality into our every meeting. He gives me an opportunity to see beyond the mundane and helps me discover new horizons and see from different perspectives. Thank you!

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